Sweet Charity

Sweet Charity at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Assoc. Projection Design

Worked closely with Richard Finkelstein, the scenic- and projections designer to create 22 unique still images and videos. Projected across flown scenery using three projectors, all controlled via QLab 3.1 on a Mac Pro. Many images and scenes required custom surface mapping, and some also required additional masking in QLab. Video media was created using Motion and Final Cut Pro X. Photos edited in Adobe Photoshop. All media used was either originally created by the designers or royalty-free content.


Director: Kate Arecchi

Scenic Design: Richard Finkelstein

Lighting Design: Emily Becher-McKeever

Costume Design: Rebecca Lustig

Sound Design: Isabella Scappaticci

Projection Design: Richard Finkelstein

Photos by Richard Finkelstein