A Fear of Falling

A Fear of Falling at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Projection Design

Created 86 original projections, including both animations and videos, and engineered the projection of them on two screens behind an alleyway seating configuration. Coordinated with sound designer Ian VanZandt to match select projections to recorded audio clips (noted below).

Projections were created using Motion 5.1 for animations and Final Cut 10.1 for videos. Exported and processed in Compressor. Played through QLab 3 on a MacBook Pro and two Sanyo HD projectors.

Director: Frannie Nejako

Scenic Design: Leila Spolter

Lighting Design: Kaitlin Tinsley

Costume Design: Rachel Herrick

Sound Design: Ian VanZandt

Projection Media:

Preshow announcement with accompanying recorded sound. Played at the start of the show.

Projection running in the background of the opening scene as Man in White and ensemble recite the Lyke-Wake dirge.

Text projections that played with spoken word during A Fear of Falling

Text projected inside the silhouettes of actors on stage as they perform an interpretation of a “your child has cancer” session at a pediatric hospital. Timing in this clip is not representative.

Vignette accompanying Icarus’ story to Joanna of their life together when they get out of the hospital.

Vignette accompanying Icarus’ second story to Joanna of their life together when they get out of the hospital.

Projection shown on loop during intermission for A Fear of Falling

Projection of falling wings that change from red to blue

Projection accompanying looping audio from a simulated tape recorded used to end the show