Assassins at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Projection Design

Worked closely with the director and scenic designer to solve scenic and staging challenges presented in the script through a mix of projections and scenery on two distinct groups of surfaces. Final projections included a mix of some of the content indicated in the text and some original interpretation.

Scenic cues included two parks, factory windows, and a rear view of driving at night. During Oswald’s shot, the moments leading up to the shot were projected over Oswald onto the surrounding scenery with the visible shot lining up with the audio, followed by stars exploding outward to form an American flag across the set. “Something Just Broke” featured a sequential compilation of headlines of Presidential assassinations (and attempts) scrolling over a background of the Eternal Flame and projected onto the proprietor and the surrounding scenery.

Projections were created using Apple Motion 5.1, Final Cut Pro X and displayed using QLab 3.1. All projections cues were controlled through the sound QLab computer, with each surface (and projector) connected over a network also running QLab.

Director: Ricky Drummond

Scenic Design: John Hobson

Lighting Design: Julia Staron

Costume Design: Stephen Marks

Sound Design: Izzy Scappaticci

Projection Media

Production Photos

Photos by David Willmore; see more on Flickr